Thanksgiving Dinners

As the Holidays approach, I relish the wonderful times spent with my family creating lasting memories and sharing amazing meals.  

It’s because of these memories that we at are offering exceptional Thanksgiving Dinners delivered HOT from the ROSE CATERING kitchen to yours on Thanksgiving Day.  
These are favorite Thanksgiving recipes enjoyed by the Pedroni Family for generations and everything is prepared the old fashioned way, by hand in our catering kitchen. 

I've planned each of these dinners as a FEAST with hearty portions, because it's just not Thanksgiving without ample, delicious leftovers!
And as our gift to you, with every order we'll include a side of Pedroni’s Famous
Potato Salad.  
It’s our way of saying THANKS. 
This holiday season, make time for what’s really important, spend time with your
family and experience the JOY of NOT COOKING. Life’s short so cater it.
To place your order or for more information, call me at 584-9153.

Honey Brined, Herb Roasted Whole Natural Turkey
(No growth hormones or antibiotics)

Housemade Mashed Potatoes
(light, fluffy seasoned mashed potatoes)

Southern Cornbread or New England Breadcrumb Stuffing
(choose the style that you prefer)

Steamed Carrots and Green Beans with Almonds
(in a lightly seasoned butter sauce)

Turkey Giblet Gravy
(smooth, rich pan flavors)

$26.99 per person plus tax and delivery
(Minimum order for 10 guests)

Brie Mashed Potatoes.......  add $1.00 per person
Pedroni’s Colcannon Potatoes.......  add $.75 per person
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes.......  add $.50 per person

Savory Mushroom Stuffing.......  add $2.00 per person
Apple Cranberry Walnut Stuffing.......  add $1.25 per person
Savory Butternut Squash & Wild Rice Dressing.......  add $3.25 per person

Glazed Baby Carrots.......  add $.50 per person
Harvest Vegetable Saute’.......  add $.75 per person
Fresh Green Beans with Sauteed Mushrooms.......  add $1.25 per person

Artisan Dinner Rolls.......  $9.25 per dozen
Southern Style Baked Yams.......  $3.35 per person
Housemade Whole Cranberry Sauce.......  $1.85 per person